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5 items needed in your luxury kitchen

5 items needed in your luxury kitchen

Make your kitchen fit your needs with the latest appliances designed to fit in perfectly with the sleekest kitchen designs. Even if your kitchen is light on storage or green areas, these items will help you make the best use of the space you have.

Urban Cultivator Residential - $2,499

For those with an affinity for healthy, organic eating, an Urban Cultivator Residential is the perfect way to grow your own micro greens so you can enjoy the farm-to-table experience year round. This fully automated kitchen garden takes up about as much space as a dishwasher and is equipped with its own watering system and programmable lighting.

Plum - $1,499

Experience the perfect glass of wine on demand with the Plum. This tool automatically identifies, chills, preserves and pours two 750ml bottles of wine simultaneously. Never pour old wine down the drain again, as the Plum can preserve wine for up to 90 days. Go totally tech with your wine drinking by using the Plum app to track the bottles you’ve consumed.

Hestan Cue - $495

Gone are the days of looking up a recipe online and trying to avoid overcooking the meal while following each step of the directions. The Hestan Cue is a cooking system that uses smart cookware, an induction burner and a recipe app to cook better food. Each part of the system is able to communicate with the others, controlling temperatures and timing throughout each step of a recipe.

Shun Knife Block Set - $799

The Shun Classic 9-piece knife block set is a must-have for any gourmet kitchen. Each handcrafted piece reflects Japan’s leading blade manufacturer’s dedication to the centuries-old tradition of Japanese knife making.

Bosch Built-In Coffee Machine with Home Connect - $3,099

Your morning cup of joe will never be the same with the Bosch Built-In Coffee Machine with Home Connect. Prepare your coffee from anywhere with the Home Connect app, choosing from espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and macchiato with a single touch. Don’t worry about having a single drink of choice—you can program up to eight beverages into the MyFavorites portion of the machine.