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Finding the Right Luxury Home to Suit Your Unique Style

Finding the Right Luxury Home to Suit Your Unique Style

Shopping for a luxury home in Philadelphia can be a challenging proposition. In a city so densely rich with history and stunning architecture, the relatively expansive supply of quality luxury homes can lead to paralysis by analysis.

Regardless of your financial background, spending millions of dollars on a home is an important decision and you’d prefer to get it right.

Follow this simple guide to ensure you find the perfect luxury residence to match your personality and tastes, and don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your vision!

Work with the Right Broker

When shopping for luxury real estate, it’s imperative that you work with a broker possessing years of experience buying and selling high-end real estate. When you live and breathe this world, you develop a sense for which listings are a must-see and which ones have gone stale. Sometimes there may even be private listings not advertised to the public.

Yes, it’s our job is to provide information and answer question—but even moreso to let the home sell itself and close the deal.

Trust Your Intuition

Comparing luxury homes can be challenging as much of the worth is tied up in intangible features. Which is more valuable? A stunning view? Living in a historic building? Waterfront access? Prestigious address?

Unlike standard homes where prices are mostly determined by square footage and building materials, luxury properties are valued as much for their uniqueness as their extravagance.

You already know that every lavish home you visit will be comfortable, so instead listen to your instincts and pay close attention to how each property makes you feel. It may sound like a copout, but nine times out of 10, when you fall in love with a home “you just know.”

But for those less in touch with their inner emotions, here are common signs that you’ve found the one:

  • You can’t wait to go inside. If the exterior doesn’t immediately pique your curiosity, it’s already a done deal.
  • The house speaks to you as soon as you enter the door. The right property will feel like “home” almost immediately.
  • You excuse flaws that are worth overlooking. Defending the home’s weak points, either verbally or consciously, is a good sign you’re really falling for the place.
  • You start placing your possessions mentally while touring the home. Similarly, imagining what colors you would choose to repaint shows a more vested interest in the listing.
  • You tell others about the home. Friends, colleagues, family. Being excited about a home leads to gushing over your experience there.


Above all else, the real point here is that shopping for a luxury home requires the ultimate faith in your intuition. We may invest in real estate with our brain—but we purchase a home with our heart...and our gut instinct.

Don’t overthink it. And when you’re sure you’ve found the one, make an offer before another love-stricken buyer beats you to the punch.