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4 Things to Remember When Choosing an Architect

4 Things to Remember When Choosing an Architect

When it comes to prestigious Philadelphia addresses like 1706 Rittenhouse Square and the Ayer Building, every property is unique. And unique properties require the unique talents of a gifted architect.

The architects we work with are well known to those familiar with Philadelphia architecture, like Wesley Wei, who designed the Ayer Condominium, and Peter Miller, the visionary behind the PSFS Building renovation.

Whatever your own vision may be, these four tips will help you find the perfect architect to make it a reality.

1. Look for a Connection

The client-architect relationship is a personal endeavor that entails the sharing of intimate details, hobbies, desires and lifestyle. Hiring an architect is as much finding a trusted confidant as it is narrowing the search for a service provider.

Effective communication is key: Professional accolades matter, but contract an architect with whom you connect on a personal level.

2. Schedule Time for a Tour

When touring an architect’s previous projects, seek out similarities in design, material selection and general style to your own plan. Visiting the firm’s headquarters can provide even greater insight into the company’s style and vision.

While you’re certainly not hoping to replicate a home that’s already on the market, you should be eager to nail down a designer who can recreate the atmosphere you’re looking for.

3. Check Out Reputation and Referrals

Architectural success is built on high community standing and reputation, so dive down the rabbit hole and find out who’s behind works that inspire you.

Before signing a contract, ask to speak to past or current clients and conduct short interviews to determine professional integrity, customer satisfaction and excellence in design.

4. Remember that Architecture is a Team Process

Hire a visionary worthy of your project, but don’t neglect to do your due diligence on the chief architect’s support team.

The firm you select will also be managing contractors, suppliers, inspections, invoices and a plethora of behind-the-scenes duties. It’s worth your time to meet key support staff ahead of time.

Looking to work with the best of the best? Laurie Phillips is the go-to agent for national architects and developers coming to Philadelphia. Get in touch to start planning your dream home today.