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Storage solutions that will not detract from your interior design

Storage solutions that will not detract from your interior design

Storage space is one of those things you never seem to have quite enough of. As you increase your square footage, you increase the amount of possessions you own. Before you know it, you’re overwhelmed trying to find ways to make your home feel organized.

Of course, there are plenty of storage solutions out there; there’s an entire industry dedicated to creating innovative ways to organize your life. The problem is that many of these solutions aren’t pleasing to look at. For a storage unit, they are fine. For your home? Not so much.

But this doesn’t mean you need to start carting things to the donation bin just yet. There are storage solutions that will not detract from your interior design. Below are a few options you might consider.

Opt for customized closets, cabinets and other built-in items

Chances are your home came with built-ins that are elegant and functional. However, everyone has different needs. Perhaps your walk-in closet has too much hanging space, but not enough space for shoes. Your kitchen may have a massive pantry, but the shelves are too small to accommodate certain appliances when they are not in use. Sometimes all you need is to revamp a space to make it work for you.

Find boxes and baskets that are attractive to look at

If you have open shelving, you know how adept it is at showing off your art and photos. However, when it comes to storing items that are not so aesthetically pleasing, it leaves a lot to be desired. One way to manage this is to purchase boxes and baskets that are well designed, allowing you to hide items out of sight but still keep them well within reach. If you enjoy collecting art, you can even look into artisan items, turning your storage solutions into conversation pieces.

Display some items rather than storing them away

You probably own items that you would usually hide away but that are attractive enough to display. For example, you may have a purse or scarf collection that showcases incredible craftsmanship and would look elegant when showcased in the correct way. Displaying these items can add a pop of color to your space and enhance your overall design.

Commission all-in-one pieces for children’s rooms

Perhaps the most difficult space to organize is a child’s bedroom. Between the toys, the knick-knacks and the necessary items, these rooms hold a lot. And for children, keeping their spaces organized can be a struggle. All-in-one pieces are great for making the most of the space while also giving it a naturally organized feel. You can incorporate beds, play spaces, desks, toy cubbies and more into these pieces, and custom furniture makers can work with you to determine what best suits both the space and your child’s needs.

While you may not find the right storage solutions for your luxury home at the nearest box store, the right options are out there.