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Best housewarming gifts by price

Best housewarming gifts by price

Is one of your closest friends or family members about to move into a new home? What is the perfect way to send them your warmest wishes?

There are some major perks to getting the right housewarming gift. You want to come to mind each time the owner sees the gift and offer something they’ll actually use, not toss into the next donation box. Here are some memorable and useful housewarming gift ideas to keep in mind.

Inexpensive & memorable

Personalized cutting board: A kitchen essential suitable for both the prolific home chef and the novice who just made a New Year’s resolution to cook more. Budget: $20-$40

The ideal keychain: Something few people go out of their way to shop for, the keychain is the perfect low-stakes, oft-overlooked housewarming gift. Give the friend who’s always digging in their purse a bit of extravagance on which to hang their newly acquired keys. Budget: $10-30

USB charger port wall outlet: Make someone’s life a little simpler with this extra feature that, once experienced, can’t be lived without. Budget: $20

Won’t break the bank

Waterproof, wireless speaker: What’s better than taking a hot, relaxing shower after moving all day? A hot shower while listening to your favorite tunes or podcast. Budget: $80

Google Home: Get answers in seconds, add items to your shopping list or play your favorite playlist—all with your voice. Budget: $80

Le Creuset kitchen tools: This six-piece utensil set will be used daily, and the silicone finish means they’ll last for years to come. Budget: $90

Best friends & family

Ring video doorbell: Give the gift of security with the Ring video doorbell. Owners can see who is at their front door and the happening in the hall or street in front of their property. Budget: $180-$500

Nest Protect: The traditional smoke alarm gets a technological makeover. The Nest Protect smoke alarm also detects carbon monoxide levels in your home and sends an alert to your phone when there’s potential danger. Budget: $120/ea.

Digital Art Display: The latest and easiest way to add art to your home. The EO1 Digital Art Display connects to the owner’s cell phone so they can display their own photos or something from the pre-loaded art collection. Budget: $499